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AU Moves Troops, Tanks to Frontlines
By MOHAMED ODOWA 06/03/2011
AU Soldier and Tank Reinforcing Frontlines
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AU Soldier and Tank Reinforcing Frontlines

African Union troops supporting Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) in their fight against al-Shabaab insurgents, moved troops and equipment from their bases at the Maka Al Mukarama street and KM4, one of the biggest strongholds in Mogadishu, to newly seized areas.

Hundreds of AU forces could be seen late Thursday night moving with their tanks and headed to the frontlines to establish a new base after the area was seized from the rebel group.

"We have seen at least 7 AU tanks carrying more troops. Some of the soldiers were walking in the streets near KM4 and Maka Al-Mukarama," a local resident, Ali Abdi Muumin, told Somalia Report.

"I think the troops want to relocate to the new bases which they recently captured from al-Shabaab fighters, especially Wadada Wadnaha, African-Village and the areas surrounding in the Bakara Market," another resident, Asho Muse Farah, told Somalia Report.

African Union troops have been engaged in fierce battles against the insurgents through Mogadishu, particularly Bakara Market, in the last few weeks.

The African Union peacekeeping force has been at their bases in the city for the last four years.