Street FIGHT:Conflict
Al-Shabaab Counter-Attacks in Mogadishu
Militants Attack TFG Bases in Bondhere, Shibis, Shinganni Districts
By MOHAMED SHIIL 05/25/2011
The militant Islamic group al-Shabaab launched new counter-attacks after Bakara Market, their main stronghold in Mogadishu, was besieged by Transitional Federal Government (TFG) troops supported by pro-government Ahlu Sunna wal Jamaa (ASWJ) and African Union Peacekeeping (AMISOM) forces.

Al-Shabaab launched attacks on AMISOM and TFG bases in Boondhere, Shibis, and Shingaani districts of North Mogadishu overnight on Tuesday in an attempt to open new frontlines to ease the burden on the Bakara Market front, according to al-Shabaab officials.

At least ten people mostly from the warring sides were reportedly killed and unspecified number of others was wounded in the fighting as a result of heavy artillery and mortar shelling.

Three hundred newly recruited al-Shabaab young men from Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle and parts of north Mogadishu were involved in the fighting, according to local officials.

“We have repulsed the attack from the insurgents and they were overcome,“ TFG Military Official Said Abdi told Somalia Report.

On Wednesday, at least 5 bodies believed to be al-Shabaab fighting were seen scattered in Bondhere district, as confirmed by local residents.

“I saw three of them in the street and the fighting overnight was horrible,” Abdikadir Hassan, a resident in El Aw Mude neighborhood of Bondhere district, told Somalia Report.

Double Hit

Meanwhile at least seven people were killed and five others were wounded after two stray mortar shells landed on the same house in a residential area of Waberi district in south Mogadishu on Wednesday afternoon.

The first mortar hit a house killing a woman and wounding four others. While a crowd of people were assisting those affected by the first strike, a second mortar landed on the same spot killing at least six other people, as eyewitnesses confirmed to Somalia Report.