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Al-Shabaab Killed My Husband
Widow Struggles to Raise Her Children
By HASHIM BARRE 03/07/2012
Habiba Ismail, Widow of Shabaab Victim
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Habiba Ismail, Widow of Shabaab Victim

Somalia Report interviewed Habiba Ismail who is a mother of two children and wife to the late Guhad Ibrahim who was shot dead by an al-Shabaab firing squad in Dinsor. She currently resides in Baidabo and narrated her ordeal to Somalia Report.

Al-Shabaab's atrocities are lamented upon daily by locals in Somalia. The group seems intent on cultivating a huge base of hateful subjects. For a nation that has lived through decades of civil strife, the insurgents’ victimization of fellow Muslims provides an unparalleled benchmark for the most inhumane acts, seemingly bred by generations of violence.

Thank you for giving us this exclusive interview. Could you briefly tell us about yourself?

My name is Habiba Ismail. I lived in Dinsor with my husband for around four years. I used to run a small kiosk of ours during his absence, since he used to travel to Mogadishu and Baidabo to purchase supplies for the kiosk.

When and in what situation was your husband captured?

It was the end of last year. He went to Mogadishu to shop as usual but one fine morning as soon as I opened the shop, a squad of al-Shabaab men came to me and asked me about my husband's whereabouts. I told them that he had gone to Mogadishu to buy supplies and they left.

I did not take the matter seriously since it was usual for them to ask if a person went missing but the worst happened when he came. He was apprehended and faced several accusations.

What was he accused of?

He was accused of having ties with the Transitional Federal Government (TFG), which they said resulted in his constant travel to Mogadishu. They also said that he failed to maintain his family which was contrary to truth and justice.

When was the final judgment delivered then?

The ruling took place after one month of his arrest and he was sentenced to be shot dead by a firing squad for having ties with non-Muslims and also for divulging secrets (spying) to the enemies of Muslims.

What was your reaction after the delivery of the final judgment?

You cannot imagine the sorrow one would experience under such circumstances. I could do nothing. I made some effort to undermine the judgment but failed.

Why did you move here?

After the death of my husband, i arranged the few assets i had and decided to leave for Baidabo so as to live with my mother and relatives. That way i can get help and support from them in the upbringing of my children.

Any final word?

I urge that TFG forces continue with the same spirit and liberate thousands of others who are suffering under al-Shabaab.