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TFG-Ethiopia Seize Daynuunay Without Fight
Troops Heading for Bur-Hakaba
By NOOR ALI FARAH 03/05/2012
TFG Soldier in Mogadishu
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TFG Soldier in Mogadishu

Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces backed by the Ethiopian military seized Daynuunaay, 30km from Baidoa in Somalia's Bay region, without a fight after al-Shabaab fighters vacated the village.

“The forces are here and Somali troops are walking inside the village to assess the security,” said a resident who spoke to Somalia Report.

Al-Shabaab reportedly fled the area after learning allied forces were preparing to seize the village.

“The troops just came in without fighting. It is calm now," resident, Madey Edan, told Somalia Report.

Residents claimed the forces have not yet told them what is happening.

“We cannot imagine what will happen later because nobody has asked us anything. Also nothing affected us except the change that occurred,” said a local resident, Boorow Ali.

Residents and officials said the troops are heading for Bur-Hakaba, 30 km from Daynuunaay, within hours after learning al-Shabaab fled the surrounding areas. Officials further said there are no obstacles preventing troopsf rom taking Bur-Hakaba, which is located on the road from Mogadishu to Baidoa.

This comes after TFG and Ethiopian troops seized Baidoa, the capital of Bay region, from al-Shabaab fighters who are now reportedly regrouping in Kismayo.