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Former MP Murdered In Galmudug
Bodies of Two Young Men Found in Galkayo
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Where Assassins Reign Supreme

Reports from Galkayo town in the Mudug region indicate that a former Galmudug Member of Parliament was gunned down on Tuesday by unknown assailants. The armed gang fled immediately after executing Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Siad, a renown lawmaker.

The legislator turned businessman was murdered by unknown assailants while in the main market of Galkayo, officials and witnesses confirmed.

“I can confirm the death of Abdullahi Mohamed Siad, he was assassinated by unknown men armed with AK47 rifles who escaped from the police,” said Mohamud Guure, the Mudug Governor for Galmudug administration.

Security forces of the Galmudug administration promptly arrived at the scene. They say investigations are underway and they will soon bring the perpetrators to book as well as reduce the rising crime levels in the region that has seen numerous killings of top officials in the past months.

So far, no one has claimed responsibility for killing the renown businessman and the motive behind the murder is unclear. The late Abdullahi Mohamed Siad resigned from parliament after former Galmudug President Mohamed Ali Imiko was fired.

Bodies Found In Galkayo

The bodies of two young men were found lying in the northern parts of Galkayo, the regional capital of Mudug according to Puntland officer and eyes witnesses.

Puntland Police officer Abdirashid Aded confirmed the incident which is currently under investigation.

"The two young men were killed here last night. It is unclear who is behind the killings. The bodies were taken from the scene and are now in Galkayo Police Station. We are investigating the case and will soon seize the killers," said the officer.

"It was in the morning when I saw people gathered here. The two young men were shot and left lying on the ground," Adan Abdi, an eye witness told Somalia Report.

Elders in Galkayo condemn these killings as well as previous ones, stating that the acts are not clan revenge but look like al-Shabaab atrocities.

"We strongly condemn those who committed these heinous crimes. We do not hesitate in blaming al-Shabaab for this. Only they are known to create conflict between brother clans in Mudug Region," said a local elder, Abdirizak Muse to Somalia Report.

The incident has spread shock and fear among civilians who witnessed the gory outcome of these brutal acts of murder.

Galkayo town has witnessed a spate of organized and relentless murder of local and high ranking officials within the past few months. More than a dozen violent deaths have occurred, whose causes and motives remain unsolved by security agents.