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TFG Advances on Hudur in Bakol Region
TFG Expects to Seize the Capital of Bakol Within Hours
By NOOR ALI FARAH 02/27/2012
TFG Troops
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TFG Troops

The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia backed by the Ethiopian military is approaching Hudur district, the capital of Bakol region in southern Somalia and an al-Shabaab stronghold, and expect to seize the city within hours. This comes four days after reports surfaced that al-Shabaab fled the city.

“If God wills, we will be in Hudur soon. We are only 20km away,” Ibrahim Omar Dheere, the commissioner of El-barde district, told Somalia Report.

He also said they seized villages around Hudur.

“Teed, Abooro and other villages were captured by our soldiers and we are now advancing on Hudur so that the next report you will hear will be that Hudur has been freed from Shabaab,” he added referring to the hardline Islamic militant group battling for control of Somalia.

Officials told reporters that they are heading to other districts in the twin regions of Bay and Bakol including Dinsoor, Qansah-Dheere, and Boor-Hakaba.

Pastoralists near the area told Somalia Report they have seen the military armed with heavy weapons including tanks approaching to the al-Shabaab strongholds near the city.

Residents in Hudur expressed frustration that neither the government nor aid agencies have come to their assistance and fear fighting is imminent, forcing many to flee.

“We are waiting for Allah because no one is helping us. There is a large number of displaced people that fled from Hudur and its suburbs. We are begging Allah to give us peace,” Markabo Hussein told Somalia Report.

Somalia Report will continue to monitor the situation.