Street FIGHT:Conflict
Heavy Clashes Overnight in Mogadishu
Mother and Children Amongst Dead
AMISOM Soldiers
Somalia Report
AMISOM Soldiers
At least seven civilians, among them a mother and her four kids, were killed and more than 10 others wounded as heavy fighting erupted in the Somali capital Mogadishu late on Saturday.

The heavy fighting between the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and the African Union peacekeepers (AMISOM) occurred in Hiliwa, Karan and Yaqshid districts after the militant group al-Shabaab launched hit-and-run attacks on TFG and AMISOM bases.

“It was another sad night, with a mortar killing two residents and wounding several others," one of the residents of Suka-holaha village in Hiliwa district told Somalia Report. "We haven’t slept for a week now," he added.

Meanwhile, a suspected grenade attack killed a mother and her four children in a house near Aden Adde airport.

“We heard a loud blast and when we rushed to the scene we saw the bodies of a mother and her four children lying on the floor,” an eyewitness, Abdi Bile, told Somalaia Report.

The deputy chairman of Banadir district Sheikh Ali Sheikh Ahmed Guure accused the militant group al-Shabaab of staging the attack and warned innocent Somalis to remain vigilant as such attacks had become a common feature. “This merciless act is common with the al-Shabaab who continue to target innocent civilians,” he said.

Over the last 24 hours, more than 20 people with serious wounds have been treated at Madina hospital in Mogadishu.

“We received 22 injured people, including women and children,” said Bashi Haji, a nurse at the hospital.

Explosive Devices Found Hidden in the Capital

In the meantime, explosive devices left in polythene bags have been found in many parts of Mogadishu, including Bangariyo, Dabakayo-madow, Afisyoni, Hamar-weyne, Unishef and other villages of the capital, sparking off fears among residents. “When I woke up to open my shop, I saw a black polythene bag lying in front of my shop. I later found out that it was a bomb. We called the security forces that at last detonated the devices,” Abdukadir Kalow, a shop owner in Dharkinley district told Somalia Report. According to TFG officials, the security forces seized more than 10 explosive devices over the last 24 hours.

While the TFG and AMISOM control most of Mugadishu, residents still fear the al-Shabaab militants due to recent tactics including bombings, RPG attacks, landmines & roadside IEDs and suicide bombings.

“The fighting is between the government and al-Shabaab, not with us, we don’t know why bombs are placed in civilian areas. We are calling upon both warring sides to respect civilians,” Sheikh Abdisamad Farhan told Somalia Report.

There was an RPG attack on a Turkish-run medical center in Bulahubei village on Monday night. One of the gaurd is dead and another sustained injuries, according to local residents.

al-Shabaab militants, armed with rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, attacked a base used by African Union peacekeeping forces and the TFG in the northwest of capital.

The fighting is still going several hours after it began at about 5:30PM (local time), and there are some unconfirmed reports of casualties. It affected several villages such as Karan, Huriwa, Daynile and Yaqshiid districts as the warring sides are exchanging heavy shelling.

There has been a series of hit and run attacks in recent weeks on AU and TFG bases by the al-Shabaab militants.