Street FIGHT:Conflict
Fight at Mogadishu Checkpoint Kills 4
Al-Shabaab Attacks TFG Forces in Sar-Kuusta Area
By MOHAMED SHIIL 08/03/2011
TFG Soldier
@Somalia Report
TFG Soldier

Fighting between Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces and al-Shabaab militants on the outskirts of Mogadishu on Wednesday claimed the lives of at least four people and wounded eight others.

“The fighting broke out when al-Shabaab insurgent fighters launched an attack on government security forces checkpoint at Sar-Kuusta area, near KM13 on the outskirts of the capital,” Mohamed Farah, a TFG security forces official told Somalia Report.

This is the first attack launched by al-Shabaab fighters against TFG forces in the Sarkuusta area, the same location where government forces gunned down Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, head of the Al-Qaida's Horn of Africa cell.

Locals said one of the drought–stricken victims in the area was hit by a stray bullet during the confrontation later died from his wounds.

Meanwhile, Abdulahi Hassan Barise, the spokesman of the Somali police forces, said that security forces will be relocated to positions north of the capital, which were recently seized by the TFG forces from al-Shabaab, in an attempt to improve security and encourage residents to return to their abandoned homes in Boondhere, Shibis and Wardhigley districts of Mogadishu.

“Security forces will be deployed at street junctions and also police squads will patrol at night,“ the spokesman told Somalia Report.

He also said the National Security Committee has ruled that any TFG soldier found guilty of stealing property in Bakara Market will be executed.

“Looting peoples’ property will not be allowed and the government will take tough actions against any soldier found guilty of looting,” Bariise told Somalia Report.